Scientific American has a special collector’s edition issue out now titled, Physics at the Limits.  One article in particular was very exciting to read, Living in a Quantum World by Vlatko Vedral, Ph.D.

A little background on Dr. Vedral…he is a University of Oxford professor of physics.  His research specialty is on the theory of entanglement and quantum information.

Basically, Dr. Vedralʻs article busted the long-standing scientific community’s approach that quantum mechanics only applies to the microworld and that classical physics is completely separate, ruling all else. Great article, I highly recommend checking it out!

The 3rd dimension illusion-of-separation is fueled by the antiquated belief of quantum mechanics not applying to all matter, and it upholds the perception of duality/separateness/isolation.  As long as we communally embrace the belief that the 3rd dimension/physical world is not ultimately our collective creation, whether consciously or unconsciously, then the co-created reality we experience is victimization by the “external world”…the belief that “Someone” or “Something Out There”controls our life experience making us happy/sad/fulfilled/empty, and so on.

I invite you to expand your willingness to being open to the possibility that you already are the Creator…that the “outside world” is actually a holographic reflection of your quantum energetic projection…that we create our 3rd dimension/physical world “reality.”

I assure you that the mere energy of willingness to being open is enough to move “mountains” and will expand your reality-shifting conscious awareness.

We are all One.  When I embrace Joy/Love, it ripples through all Consciousness, the same way it does when you choose Joy/Love.

And…thus WE create the Shift!

How powerful we collectively are when we individually shift our focus from fear to Love…from anger to Joy!

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  1. Candace, Love this! Wonderfully put ~ it brings such clarity to our Oneness.