Meditation and Breathwork support the body’s Autonomic System shift from stress to restorative mode.

Our heart rate determines what Autonomic mode our body is in…Slow Heart Rate = Parasympathetic (Restorative/Healing) or Rapid Heart Rate = Sympathetic (Stress).  Each mode activates its own set of hormones, neurotransmitters, energetic and physiological response creating opposing functions and perceptions. 

Breathwork is the most immediate and effective tool for shifting the body from Stress to Restorative mode. Breathing in through the nose, holding the breath for a few seconds and then exhaling slowly activates the release of a specific neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine, that slows the heart rate. 

Having the body in the Restorative mode supports the expanded experience of Connectedness, Contentment and Fulfillment accessible through meditation.


Since originally creating the Divine Heart Coherence™ Meditation Technique, profound new Biophysical and Physiological information has come to light in support of energy alignment regarding the importance of breath, Counter-Clockwise/expansion versus Clockwise/contraction spin/flow of energy, the energetic influence Sympathetic Nervous System’s wiring within the groin area and much more. 

These discoveries have made it clear that this new enhanced technique must be renamed, Quantum Consciousness Coherence Meditation. This updated meditation technique version has been revised to include the new revelatory information.

Follows is an abridged explanation of the quantum biological/physiological processes automatically providing consciousness expanding connection support and are fully explained in my book, Spiritual Transformation Simplified™.

Breathwork – the powerful tool for energetic self-regulation. We have available at all times the incredible Autonomic System reset power of Pause and Breathe.

When within a stressful, challenging situation the simple action choice of pausing and taking a deep breath through the nose visualizing it being breathed down into the abdomen, hold it for four to seven counts, then slowly release through the mouth for a count of seven…and repeat at less twice more, activates a series of physiological events automatically restoring connected clarity.

The Nasal Abdominal inhale stimulates the sinuses to produce nitric oxide, a molecule that supports communication in between our body’s cells by transmitting signals throughout the entire body.

Further research has shown that by adding a “humming” or “toning” sound during the extended exhale exponentially increases the nitric oxide production!  Please see the below chart image from a study conducted by the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Karolinska Hospital, and Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and published in the July 15, 2002 Issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


Please note that the nervous system wiring illustrated above is nearly the same for both genders.  The female wiring does include the additional Pain afferents connecting the uterus and T12, L1, L2 and the Sacrum.

Also of import is that the Sympathetic Nervous system, AKA Stress Mode of the Autonomic System, (illustrated in Red) is hardwired directly from the sexual organs to T12, L1 and L2.  Because the fear/anger type of feeling frequencies spin Clockwise, trauma energetically embedded in the Groin/Root Chakra area transmits a contraction/tightening effect to T12, L1 and L2, via the Stress Mode nervous system connection.












Which in turn constrict and impair healthy biological function in the small and large intestine, affecting which hormones are released from the gut and the process of blood sugar regulation, to name two ramifications, because T12 and L1 are hardwired by the Sympathetic Nervous system to those areas.

Understanding this key biophysical connection, it’s easy to imagine the havoc embedded fearful trauma wreaks on the basic function of digestion and nutrient assimilation.

One more vital piece of information regarding the embedded fearful Contraction energetic influence of the Groin/Root Chakra area – it directly influences what thoughts come into our awareness. This occurs through its Contraction spin impact upon the enteric nervous system via the Sympathetic Nervous System, which in turn effects from where our thoughts originate – the Contraction Spin unconscious limited belief programming or the Expansion Spin direct Universal Self connection.

The enteric nervous system acts similar to a “remote control” for the Brain Antenna (comprised of a combination of hard and soft tissue components, including the skull, directing frequency data to the pineal gland), determining from where the pineal gland receives frequency data into the microscopic calcite crystals encased in it. (The Enteric Nervous System or Belly Brain has 100 million neurons, stores 95% of the Serotonin created by the body, is the “tuner” of the Brain Antenna, and much more.)

When fear feeling frequencies are unconsciously activated in the groin/root chakra area, it brings the enteric nervous system into coherence, shifting the Brain Antenna to align with fear frequency reception.

This then activates the litany of self-doubting, limiting thoughts stored in our subconscious programming to flood our awareness.

Again, this entire automatic response is fully described in the book, Spiritual transformation Simplified™. I touch upon it here to illustrate the importance of understanding that it is the feeling frequency experience that determines the thoughts in our awareness, not the other way around.

(The below Quantum Consciousness Coherence™ Meditation Technique directions are updated to include this vital new information and when this technique is implemented on a consistent basis can support restoration of one’s overall well-being.)

I created the following meditation technique, Quantum Consciousness Coherence™ Meditation, based upon my quantum biology/Biophysics, in combination with Metaphysics, research to address the energetic actuality of our body and mind.

The technique empowers us to shift your frequency range…anytime, anywhere.  We chose what we want…more Clockwise/contraction spin of fear/anger/judgement or more Counter-Clockwise/expansion spin of Gratitude/Love/Joy.

This energy-shifting technique allows for a very expansive meditation experience.  It will naturally quiet the mental “chatter” if practiced with intention.

Remember, our body reacts the same to the imagined as it does to the “real.”  If you doubt that try this, close your eyes and fully imagine a lemon wedge in front of you…smell it, see it in your imagination.  Now imagine biting into the juicy lemon wedge.  Notice how your saliva glands respond and that there is a natural “puckering” reaction to the “sourness.”

When we fully engage in the imagined feeling all else responds as if the experience is happening in the Now Moment – because quantumly speaking, there only is the Now Moment.

The below is from my guidebook, Spiritual Transformation Simplified™.

1. First select your Coherence activator. This will be a moment in nature that you directly experienced.  A moment that was so awe-inspiring that when you recall it, you can’t help but smile because it evokes a pure all-encompassing Gratitude/Joy feeling experience.  This moment in nature strongly invoked for you a feeling of being a part of the beauty surrounding you, creating a sensation of Quantum Consciousness/Creator connectedness. (This recall visualization will be your Coherence activator. Similar to the old-fashioned water hand pumps which required water poured in, “prime the pump,” before water could be pumped out, your activator visualization will “prime” your Heart and Root to shift frequency range into Gratitude/Love/Quantum Consciousness Coherence™.)

2. Close your eyes, breathe deeply using the Nasal Abdominal Inhale – Slow Extended Exhale with a “toning” sound for half a minute, and bring your focus to your Heart Center. To help do so, touch your fingertips upon your Heart Center found at the base of the sternum/breastbone area. (The physical Heart has 40 million neurons, is the body’s primary transmitter of Electromagnetic energy and additionally the Heart Rate functions as the “switch” for the Autonomic Nervous System.  How we feel activates the Heart switch.  If we are primarily feeling fearful, whether consciously or unconsciously, the Heart Rate accelerates signaling the “switch” to flip our Autonomic System into the Stress or Sympathetic mode.  Conversely, if we are primarily feeling Grateful our Heart Rate slows signaling the switch to flip our Autonomic System to the Restorative or Parasympathetic mode.)

3.With fingertips upon your Heart Center, continue to breathe deeply and visualize yourself fully engaged in your special moment in nature. Imagine as clearly and completely whatever that may be for you.  See the colors and feel the sensations in your body…be there.  Deeply feel every sensation of gratitude you remember experiencing in that personal exhilarating moment in nature.

4. Allow the feeling and sensation of calm to expand in your Heart and chest. Visualize the feeling as a warm golden light spiraling Counter-Clockwise throughout your chest. Pause and breathe in the feeling of calm serenity allowing it to expand the golden light until it surrounds your body.

5. Be with this feeling. Note how your chest feels lighter and more open. Your Heart is now in harmonic Coherence with the Quantum Consciousness Counter-Clockwise frequency of Gratitude/Joy.

6.Visualize the warm golden light as a beam flowing out of your Heart into a Bright Light (representing Quantum Consciousness/Creator/Source), and then from the Source Light, visualize a beam of the same golden light expansion energy flowing into your Groin/Root Chakra area. 

7. Visualize the golden expansion energy cycling from the Heart into the Source Light, from the Source Light into the Groin/Root Chakra area. Continue with the spiraling cyclic energy flow until you experience a sensation of warmth and “unwinding” within the center of your body.

8. If you notice a contraction/tightness in a specific location in your body, visualize the golden energy flowing there and say this phrase: “Deactivate – Dissolve – Release –Transmute”.  This phrase will help shift the fear frequency induced tightness back into the expansion Lightness of Coherence.

9. Next, visualize a beam of golden expansion energy flow from the Source Light into the top of your head flowing into the Pineal Gland, down through the center of the body and back out through the Heart into the Source Light.  (The Pineal Gland is located nearly in the center of the head, in between the ears and straight down from the head top center.  The Pineal Gland contains microscopic Calcite crystals, which have two primary functions; first to magnify Electromagnetic frequency data received, and then multi-directionally radiate the frequency data outward.)

10. Lastly, visualize a fourth beam of Source Light flow into your back in between the shoulder blades, flowing through your body back out your Heart spiraling Counter-Clockwise into the Source Light.  (Your toroidal flow is now shifted to the Counter-Clockwise frequency range of Gratitude/Joy.  Embrace this expanded centered space, empowering the Quantum Consciousness Coherence™ frequency to automatically attune the brain antenna via the Belly Brain to receive guidance from the Quantum Consciousness, your Creator Self.)

11. Remain in Coherence for a minimum of ten minutes allowing the expansion energy flow through you out into the Source Light and back, feeling Grateful for its peaceful, loving acceptance.

  • Please refer to the below diagram for a visual of the Counter-Clockwise spiraling flow of energy.  (Illustration created by Candace Stuart-Findlay)

12. Have FUN!

I invite you to play with this frequency shifting technique and observe what shifts in your “Outside World” experience.  And remember how powerful we collectively are when we individually shift our focus from fear to Love…from anger to Joy!

Please note: It is highly recommended to download a copy of the above Quantum Consciousness Coherence™ Visualization Technique instructions.  Read them through a few times before attempting to shift your frequency with this technique.

To download the file, please click below:


To additionally support exploration into shifting your energy via the Quantum Consciousness Coherence™ Visualization technique, I created a Quantum Consciousness Coherence™ guided visualization meditation audio file.  The music only portion of the audio file provides further expansion support via its 963Hz Solfeggio tone base track mix. The 963Hz Solfeggio tone specifically expands connection with your Creator Self.

Again, to gain the most benefit, it is recommended to be fully familiar with the technique before listening to the audio file.

As my gift to you, simply submit your request via the below link.  Upon submission, you will be automatically redirected to the audio file download page.

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