What if we collective focused upon the expansion of Joy/Love?  What consciousness shifts/rebirth would we initiate, both internally and externally?

Here’s a nifty analogy to better explain the importance of our individual ownership of all that we experience.  Imagine that you are one of those old-time movie theatre projectors with the big movie reels cycling in and out.  Your heart chakra transmits the brightly beaming light onto the movie screen. (Think quantum field.)

Instead of the top reel feeding down to the bottom reel, the bottom reel (Belly Brain/Sacral Chakra) is feeding the top reel with the flavor and emphasis of your movie/life experiences to the top reel (Brain Antenna).

It is the Belly Brain that controls the Brain Antenna dial, so if we are pulling in predominantly fear/anger frequencies into the Belly Brain (Remember the Belly Brain has 100 million neurons, etc.), it adjusts the Antenna to download into the Pineal gland isolating, self-diminishing frequency thoughts and imagery.  And then, the heart projects them onto our movie screen.

Viewing the movie screen/external experiences, we think that this is our reality.  But, it’s not!  It is merely a “film sequence” running through our projector, looping around and around.

So, in honor of Spring and rebirth, shall we change out our fear/anger  “movie reels” and load into our projector-selves the Joy/Love reels?  Let’s feel the Joy/Love streaming into our Belly Brains…flowing up to our Brain Antennas, it automatically fills our head with joyful/loving thoughts and imagery…beaming out of our hearts into the quantum field, our movie/life experiences become filled with compassion, unity, love, and joy!

We are all One.  When I embrace Joy/Love, it ripples through all Consciousness, the same way it does when you choose Joy/Love.

And…thus WE create the Shift!

How powerful we collectively are when we individually shift our focus from fear to Love…from anger to Joy!

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