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Empath Energy Management Training

Are you…

Easily effected or have felt drained by other people’s energy?

Extremely observant?

Experiencing having a highly-attuned nervous system?


If so, then it is very likely that you are an Empath, also known as a Highly Sensitive Person.

In this interactive introductory video conference course you will learn and explore the basic fundamentals necessary to radically uplift and rewrite your life experience by knowing how to deftly manage feeling frequencies, whether they are yours or someone else’s.

Candace Stuart-Findlay facilitates each session of the course. Her support coupled with that of the course participants provides the personal guidance and encouragement to expand your Empathic capabilities.

Based upon more than a decade of Quantum Physics/Biology study, coupled with insight gained from Candace’s personal self-realization journey as an Intuitive Empath, the Empath Energy Management Training course breaks down a seemingly insurmountable objective into “bite-sized” obtainable steps.


The information, techniques and tools provided in the Empath Energy Management Training course will empower you to increase your energy engagement awareness, diminish the “overwhelm” feeling caused by feeling frequency/energy data overload and more deftly maintain balance. 


Included in the Empath Energy Management course are support tools to assist you with up leveling your energy management skills.


Tools Included:  Quantum Consciousness Coherence Technique Guide Visualization MP3 Audio File / Blocking Energy Clearing Guided Visualization MP3 Audio File / Course Workbook PDF


The Empath Energy Management Training course is offered on an ongoing basis. Each four-week course is scheduled upon the enrollment of five participants. Courses are available at 7pm to 8pm on Thursday evenings or 10:30am to 11:30am Saturday mornings, Pacific time. Each four-week course session is limited to six participants.


A Total of Four One-Hour Online Course Sessions, one hour session once per week.


Week One:  Learn about the quantum energetic importance of Gratitude and how to consciously shift your energy alignment from Contraction Frequencies (fear, anger, judgement, blame, shame) to Expansion (gratitude, love, joy, compassion) at will by using the Quantum Consciousness Coherence Technique.  Understand the quantum biology and physics behind the technique, why it works so effectively and its benefits.  The use of this tool is the foundation for understanding whose energy we are feeling and to lessen its effect.

Week Two:  Learn about the tools and significance of Reverse Identity, Impersonal Observation, Frequency Alignment, and their importance to Empath Energy Management.  This information supports an Empath’s ability to reframe our perception, which in turn supports a deeper understanding of what energy we are feeling and why.

Week Three: The principles of the Illusion of Separation and the Universal Blocking Matrix are presented from both a Metaphysics and Quantum Physics point of view, as well as the role they play in Empath Energy Management.

Week Four: Recap of fundamentals and discussion with course participants about their experience with the practical application of the Energy Management fundamentals, including solution-oriented guidance for increasing energy management skill.

Course Fee: $157.00

Questions about the course?  Contact Candace for more information.  

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