Clients share…

“I am seriously floored by the shift you created in my perception in just one hour.  I seriously can’t thank you enough!  I really think I know now what the missing piece has been in my work.  Thank you Candace!”
Sallie Keyes
Manifest Abundance NOW Coach

“Before working with Candace, I experienced many challenges in  my life. I had a horrible time re-connecting with reality after my childhood traumas.  My own boundaries were so violated that I did not know where mine started and where others began. It was very messy and confusing, like trying to get out of a nightmare made of spider webs.  Always doing the same things and always, always expecting different results…much fear, I was the word fear walking around!
After I began working with Candace, and following her Spiritual Transformation Simplified process, I have to tell you, I’m a different person. I’ve truly been born again…my innocence has returned.  This has been wonderful…to see the results I have seen in my life, just marvelous. Just working with my own heart coherence frequency has been a life saving experience.  Just to be in this space of love towards myself, it is just incredible!  To have the mentoring and guidance of such a lovely angel, has been a loving and extraordinary experience of love towards myself!
I just cannot explain with words the beauty of the quietness of my own soul, such a beauty that I did not know was inside and that I was so afraid to see and touch.  Candace guided me, with love and care, to see that the beauty was there and that it was okay to see.  There is not a day that I do not thank the Source, The Divine, The Creator, whatever you want to call her/him for the work of Candace.
Francis M.

San Antonio, TX

“Candace Stuart-Findlay is an amazing energetic being of life. Her ground breaking Core Issue Release™ work is beyond words. It helps to release and shift you quicker than any other technique that I have experienced. The shift back to your true being of light, love, and energy is truly a powerful and beautiful journey. Furthermore, Candace goes beyond the release and provides grounded and loving support to help integrate daily life lessons on multiple dimensions.”
Rob F. 
Shaman, Intuitive, Author, Craniosacral Master Practitioner
Clinton Township, MI

“Through my work with Candace I have become well acquainted with (and have fallen in love with)  the “little girl me” who was still trying to deal with issues even though the “big girl me” was in her 6th decade.  That has created in me the understanding of why I have spent a lifetime reacting to certain issues in particular ways, ie, tears, anger, feelings of rejection.  Rejection was the major issue, and now I’m able to respond rather than react because the “little girl me” now understands the actions of the adults in my young life who were just doing the best they knew how to make circumstances better for me.  It’s wonderful to have met this “little girl me” and to have loving chats with her….we’re now able to help each other grow.  Thank you to my friend Candace.”
Jan M. 
Soquel, CA

“Candace has been instrumental in my process of releasing belief patterns that do not serve me.  Through her facilitation and intuitive guidance, I have been able to easily breakthrough old beliefs and blocks.  I would highly recommend her mentoring program to anyone.”
Dan P. 
Santa Cruz, CA

“Candace has guided me through some “tough” times in life by encouraging me to view life’s circumstances in a different light. Through a loving process of support and positive encouragement I have a better understanding of who I am.  I’m able to view my life experiences as gifts and learn from them, therefore releasing any heavy negative feelings and move forward with a light positive outlook.”
Deb T. 
Felton, CA