I thought it would be fun to talk about tori in relation to the interconnectedness of US.

Tori is the plural of torus, and is defined in the dictionary as “a surface or solid formed by rotating a closed curve, esp. a circle, around a line that lies in the same plane but does not intersect it (e.g., like a ring-shaped doughnut).”

Here’s an image of a torus.

As you can see, it is a consistent self-perpetuating cycle of electromagnetic energy flowing in and out of itself.  The flow pattern is called the “Toroidal Flow.”  Notice how the energy flows in and out of the vortex center.

The following quote from a Cosmometry.net article states, “In this way we can see that there is a seamlessly dynamic exchange of energy and information (a.k.a consciousness) occurring throughout the entire cosmic experience. It is like a “stepping down” and “stepping up” from level to level wherein the balance of energy dynamics comes into coherence appropriate to each scale. And yet there is only one whole energy flow occurring throughout the entirety of it. This is what physicist David Bohm calls the Holomovement.” (http://www.cosmometry.net/the-torus—dynamic-flow-process)

Nassim Haramein, in his DVD “Black Whole,” offers his definition and purpose of the toroidal central vortex, echoing Bohm.  Haramein says that we (remember that WE are electromagnetic energy) are consistently infolding and unfolding into and out of the central vortex, where information is inter-dimensionally exchanged with all of Consciousness.

I invite you to visualize the torus energy movement around and through the center of your “body” as you infold and unfold from within the center of all Consciousness.

We are all One.  When I embrace Joy/Love, it ripples through all Consciousness, the same way it does when you choose Joy/Love.

And…thus WE create the Shift!

How powerful we collectively are when we individually shift our focus from fear to Love…from anger to Joy!

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