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The Infinity Experience Project ~ Share Your Story!

Quarter Column

Quarter Column

Would you be willing to share your Infinity Experience for the benefit of other seekers?


An Infinity Experience is that moment where you, for the first time, deeply felt the expanded Oneness of you…that moment where you knew, without a doubt, that you are much more than the physical you…the physical story of your avatar.

The Empowered Whole Being TV YouTube Channel has launched, and our first project is the “Infinity Experience – Our Personal Reawakening Moment”.  They are approximately 10 minute videos and are available to the public.

Our mission for this project is to illustrate and affirm that what each of us experience during our personal reawakening moment is quite real and not imagined.  To show that at any time we, as avatars, can be tapped upon the shoulder to reawaken our true identity as Divine Center.  And, most importantly, to create support for the Unity of our identity as Divine Center.

Please reach out to Empowered Whole Being if you would be willing to share your experience via a 10 minute video.  We will help prep you for the interview, record the interview via Skype, prepare it for upload, and upload to the EWB TV Channel.  All you do is share your reawakening moment!

If you wish to participate in this ground-breaking project, please do contact us.

Together we create the Shift!
One Love!

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