Empowered Whole Being Foundation offers…

Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ ~ The Six Fundamentals of Life Mastery

A self-discovery program based upon the Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ guidebook.  This is a comprehensive process that addresses all issues and provides clear insight as to what unconscious self-sabotaging/blocking patterns may be preventing a successful, joyful life experience.  It includes tools for stress management, life assessment, and more…truly a support system for a wholistic well-being overhaul.  Candace assists her clients through the guidebook and its exercises, providing clarity and encouragement each step of the way.


Core Issue Release™ Counseling

A very deep clearing modality…blocking patterns are completely removed from the emotional body, thus allowing for true free will, unhindered by deep-seated unconscious emotionally-charged blocking beliefs.  Services are available throughout the United States and worldwide via telephone or Skype.


Divine Heart Coherence™ Technique Meditation

This energy-shifting technique allows for a very expansive meditation experience.  It will naturally quiet the mental “chatter” if practiced with intention.  To learn more about the Divine Heart Coherence™ Technique Meditation, click Here.

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