Empowered Speaker

Inspire ~ Motivate ~ Transform!

Candace Stuart-Findlay is a dynamic, high-energy speaker with a life-enhancing message.  She delivers an electric, animated presentation filled with illuminating information from a wholly new perspective by incorporating the optimum fusion of cutting edge quantum science and spirituality.  If you are seeking a speaker that will inspire, motivate, and transform the lives of your group, look no more!

Candace Stuart-Findlay’s programs will empower and enlighten everyone in the audience.  They can be delivered as keynote speeches, half-day trainings, or break-out sessions.

Her most popular self-empowerment program is:

« Own Your Action » The Key to an Empowered, Abundant Life!

Based upon the teaching’s found in Candace’s transformation guidebook, the information provided in this presentation is loaded with “real world” tools and techniques gathered from her research into the realm of Quantum Physics and Biophysics.  The mysterious, seemingly elusive “Law of Attraction” is completely demystified for you, allowing for daily life joy-filled manifestation!  All this is shared in a light-hearted empowering manner, leaving you excited to discover more!

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