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Empowered Whole Being Foundation is a safe and sacred community in support of self-realization exploration.  Founded in 2001 by Candace Stuart-Findlay, Empowered Whole Being Foundation continues to expand self-empowerment discovery opportunities.

A little about our Founder, Candace Stuart-Findlay:

Candace is an Intuitive, Now Thought Educator, Core Issue Release Counselor, Spiritual Transformation Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Host of the Empowered Whole Being Radio Show and The EWB TV YouTube channel, and founder of Empowered Whole Being Foundation and the Empowered Whole Being Press, a hybrid boutique visionary author self-publishing press.

She began her reawakening journey in 1987, which led her to extensively explore Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics in relationship to spirituality, guiding her to develop the Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ ~ The Six Fundamentals for Life Mastery guidebook and program.

Candace has successfully facilitated breakthrough transformation and self-empowerment for countless clients around the world. Her mentored clients are able to quickly transcend self-sabotaging blocks, clarify what their source of true happiness is, and then bring their own best life to fruition using the Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ tools and techniques!

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