Let’s chat a bit about the frequency of Joy and Love, shall we?

The Love and Joy frequency to which I refer are of the highest essence and not to be confused with the love and joy we experience for a loved one, be it animal or human. 

We, from our human perception, do tap into these higher frequencies from time to time, and when we do, we experience the Oneness of the Unified Field or Divine Consciousness.

From this place of connectedness, the experience of loving our self is unquestionable.  We are Love!  We are Joy!

The shift from feeling excluded and separated from the Greater Self to feeling/experiencing our Oneness is activated the moment we, from our human perception, except and embrace our full accountability for all we experience here in the 3rd dimension. 

I realize that can be challenging, after all, I am encouraging you to accept that the 3rd dimension is an illusion of solidness and permanence.  I am inviting you, instead, to embrace your true form of expanded Electro-Magnetic frequency fields of energy…to acknowledge, as proven by quantum science, that your physical body (3rd dimension self) is a brilliantly designed Electro-Magnetic frequency transmitter and receiver…to understand that you can, once you know how, easily shift your energetic frequency to be in alignment/coherence with Joy and Love.

The process is simple.  The challenge is experienced during the process of shifting from what we, up until now, have believed to true…and, what is True.

In my next post I will outline, step-by-step, the technique used to shift your energetic vibration to the Greater Self Joy/Love frequency.

Meanwhile, I invite you to simply notice, without judgment or self-criticism, what comes across your path.  Are the transactions and events predominantly fear-based or joy-based? 

If they weigh heavier in the fear corner, I invite you to intentionally seek out those experiences that invoke Joy.

Until next time, may you feel Joy!



05/18/2016 5:26am

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The Love and Joy recurrence to which I allude are of the most astounding embodiment and not to be mistaken for the love and satisfaction we encounter for a friend or family member, be it creature or human.

06/22/2017 1:38pm

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