It is an interesting subject, to be sure! Further research points to the Second Brain (Enteric Nervous System/Belly Brain) as the "dial" that attunes the brain antenna receptivity. The brain is actually a highly sophisticated antenna, with the pineal gland being the central receptor of all electro-magnetic frequency data, be it of light, sound, or smell.

The EM frequency data is transmitted into the calcite micro-crystals contained inside of the pineal gland. The calcite micro-crystals in turn expand the EM frequency intensity and multi-directionally disperse the frequencies back out.

The Belly Brain determines from which frequency band the pineal it fear-based frequency data, or the love/joy/gratitude frequency data. This then determines the source and nature of the thoughts and images that the brain antenna receives...either from the Blocking Matrix (fear-based data), or the Divine Center/Source (love/joy/gratitude-based data).

It is for this reason I avoid the term "mindfulness". The thoughts and images our brain antennas receive is determined by which frequency are Heart transmits and our Belly Brain receives. Being energetically aware of which frequency "signal" is being transmitted and received allows us to choose to expand with Love or succumb to fear.

However, without awareness of the quantum biological frequency transmission/reception (communication/dialog), we can struggle to maintain a coherent connection to the "Joy Zone"...erroneously believing the connection initiates in the mind, when it is the Heart and Belly Brain that determines it.

In Light and Gratitude!


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