It is through the Divine Centered perception of seeing all 3rd/4th dimension creation as merely energetic extensions of our selves as the Center, created solely for the purpose of self-exploration, that we can accept all experience with neutrality.  The self-exploration perception provides a coherent framework for an otherwise chaotic world experience.

We, as the Divine Center, uniformly use energetic contrast as a powerful exploratory tool…love versus fear versus love versus fear versus love…as a repetitive cycle.  Self-exploration would be impossible without contradistinction.  To create incongruity, the avatars are divided into two arenas of exploration; either the avatar is created for pure research and is what I refer to as a Research Life, or the avatar is created to release its accumulated self-exploration, and is a Release Life.   A Research Life avatar is not created to experience identity awareness beyond its Blocking Matrix programmed story; whereas, a Release Life avatar is programmed to reawaken and seek an understanding of its greater identity.

Why is this important to understand?  It is through perceiving the existence of the two experiential classifications, Research Life and Release Life; we are able to take another step further away from our avatar story identity, and move closer to experiencing our truth as being Divine Center.

Another way to view it would be to see the Release Life as an energetic vortex, transforming fear back into love through understanding and compassion…then transmitting it back into the Center where it expands our self-awareness as Divine Center.

We previously discussed that each avatar’s story has a central theme of emotional exploration.  A Research Life avatar will only be exploring one or two specific aspects of the central theme, whereas a Release Life will have programmed into its story a 360º exploration of the central theme.  To better illustrate this I often use the visual of imagining a large wooden Conestoga wagon wheel…the Release Life is the hub of the wheel, and the Research Lives are at each spoke’s end at the rim.  The wheel in its entirety represents the theme of emotional self-exploration, for instance…abandonment.  The Release Life at the hub exchanges information with each Research Life on the rim, allowing the Release avatar to have access to the accumulated research into every aspect of abandonment and its accompanying full-blown emotional charge…being abandoned, abandoning another…being the victim, being the perpetrator.

(Illustration by Candace Stuart-Findlay)
The Blocking Matrix for a Release Life is programmed with “gateway moments” to allow for inflow of each Research Life’s knee buckling, fear-fueled emotional charged blocking beliefs.  This is why a Release Life avatar can have an overwhelmingly emotional reaction to a seemingly insignificant event.  A minor event can effectively be used to activate the Research Life inflow into a Release Life because it only has to create an energetic thread of familiarity.  Fear of heights, or other such phobias, would be a good example of Research Life influence within a Release Life experience.

All the accumulated intensity from the wheel of Research Lives is designed to rise to the surface of the Release Life avatar’s consciousness for the sole purpose of transformation and release.   This is why as a blocking layer rises for release we often can experience an emotional intensity and turmoil.  It is literally “up in your face.”  This is a good thing and necessary for the energy transformation of fear into love and compassion.

Together WE create the Shift!

One Love!
It is an interesting subject, to be sure! Further research points to the Second Brain (Enteric Nervous System/Belly Brain) as the "dial" that attunes the brain antenna receptivity. The brain is actually a highly sophisticated antenna, with the pineal gland being the central receptor of all electro-magnetic frequency data, be it of light, sound, or smell.

The EM frequency data is transmitted into the calcite micro-crystals contained inside of the pineal gland. The calcite micro-crystals in turn expand the EM frequency intensity and multi-directionally disperse the frequencies back out.

The Belly Brain determines from which frequency band the pineal it fear-based frequency data, or the love/joy/gratitude frequency data. This then determines the source and nature of the thoughts and images that the brain antenna receives...either from the Blocking Matrix (fear-based data), or the Divine Center/Source (love/joy/gratitude-based data).

It is for this reason I avoid the term "mindfulness". The thoughts and images our brain antennas receive is determined by which frequency are Heart transmits and our Belly Brain receives. Being energetically aware of which frequency "signal" is being transmitted and received allows us to choose to expand with Love or succumb to fear.

However, without awareness of the quantum biological frequency transmission/reception (communication/dialog), we can struggle to maintain a coherent connection to the "Joy Zone"...erroneously believing the connection initiates in the mind, when it is the Heart and Belly Brain that determines it.

In Light and Gratitude!
Awareness versus Mindfulness:

In my classes, and as a Transformation Facilitator, I avoid using the term "mindfulness" to describe having energetic awareness. Being energetically aware means that you know when your heart is transmitting love/joy/gratitude electromagnetic frequencies, and when it is transmitting fear frequencies. (This is discussed and illustrated in great detail in my book, Spiritual Transformation Simplified™) The heart is the transmission center, not the brain, as proven by the Institute of HeartMath, to cite one research organization. Therefore, I avoid using "mindfulness", as it tends to cause us to "think" about our state of being, shifting focus to the brain/thoughts. This only serves to further activate the self-perpetuating loop of fear-dominated frequency transmission. By focusing on the heart, and being aware of what frequency is dominating our heart transmission, with the proper tools, we have the ability to quickly shift our heart transmission out of fear back into the frequency of love/joy/gratitude.

There are clear physical clues to insure clarity on your current state of frequency transmission. If the center of your chest feels heavy, contracted, tight, as if there were a chunk of lead in there...then your heart is in the fear dominant transmission mode. Conversely, if the center of your chest feels expanded, warm, light...then love/joy/gratitude is the predominant transmission. I invite you to play with this, have fun, practice being aware of your heart transmissions. 
In Light and Gratitude!