Ahhh, February…here you are again with your focus on the Heart!  

There once was a time when your arrival signaled emptiness as I compared myself to those who may have, at that moment, been twitterpated in “love”.  Let me assure you that being in “twitterpation”, as Friend Owl called it, is a lovely state of being and am I in no means knocking it.

However, I would like to place our February Heart contemplation upon the expanded interpretation of love, or Love.

This column is focused on the importance of our expanding interconnectedness, and the role it plays in ushering forth the frequency shift from predominantly fear-based to that of Joy/Love.  So, where do we begin? 

We begin with the most important component…you…and me! 

Yes, we have all heard this before, and that is because it is spot on Truth…self-realization evolution begins first within each of us.

When we hear the encouraging statement…”Love yourself more”, what does that mean, and more importantly, how exactly do we do that?

As in any growth experience it is unfolding step-by-step process. This is true whether we are learning to walk, ride a bike, or embarking on our reawakening odyssey.  The moment a decision is made to be willing > to be open > to the possibility that you are more than your physical self and its story, the process is activated.

By acknowledging, accepting, and then, embracing the Divine Essence within us, we are well on our way to feeling more Love for ourselves.

Until I connected these “dots” I struggled with the discord between having the “Loving myself” intellectual concept and the actual Self-Loving experiential knowing/feeling.  I had not realized that Loving Myself meant opening the door of my Heart and accepting my Greater Self identity…embracing that I am more than the physical being.

There is much information in the realm of Quantum Science that backs this up…cool fun stuff, and I promise to highlight it in subsequent columns.

For now, I simply invite you to ask yourself this one question…”Am I willing to open my heart to the possibility that my mortal story may not be my true identity?”   Ask and then observe what thoughts and images present themselves in your awareness.  Observe if your physical body reacts by tightening (fear frequencies) or relaxing (joy/love frequencies) in the chest, belly, and/or throat…important feedback revealing what is being experienced unconsciously.  How awesome that we receive instant biofeedback!

If a tightening occurs…no worries, its simply notifying you that an unconscious blocking perception is present.  Remain willing to be open…I promise, you will receive guidance on where to step next.

Together WE create the Shift!